Signal is seeking a Site Reliability Engineer that can create, manage, and continuously innovateusing our cutting edge cloud infrastructure to support the Signal Advisors platform. Our vision is to create an industry leading microservices platform on GCP and AWS to quickly deliver resilient, scalable software to quickly growing financial services businesses.

Our Signal Engineering team is accomplishing this vision using Google Kubernetes Engine, Terraform, and Google Cloud Functions to quickly create APIs and software features for our Independent Financial Advisor platform.


  • Work with the Signal Advisors product team to design backend services in a scalable highly available way
  • Identify and recommend tooling that will enable fast but reliable service delivery
  • Take ownership of backend infrastructure and recommend best practices for improving service reliability
  • Manage backend infrastructure that resides in GCP and AWS
  • Manage a Continuous Integration system
  • Identify opportunities to improve current infrastructure and tooling according to best practices
  • Create and maintain Terraform assets for standing infrastructure up
  • Work with clients to remedy technical issues they are facing in the platform


💪 Executer

We’re currently building out many new initiatives and programs. You’ll need to quickly ramp up and start executing. We talk a lot about strategy and high-level ideas, and you should be able to independently translate ideas into action, dig into the details, and make progress toward our team’s goals.

🎡 Process-Driven

You’re someone that geeks out on processes and is a sucker for making sure things stay on track. The goal is to be meticulous enough for quality output but not meticulous to the point of indecision.

🌱 Growth Mindset

You believe that there are always opportunities to improve and learn, especially in the face of mistakes, failure, or setbacks. You see potential everywhere, and actively take steps to learn and grow.

🧠 Product-Minded

You love building products, and you care about the details of creating a great user experience. You have an interest in the business use cases and the impact your work will have for users. You’ll work cross-functionally to create thoughtful and delightful experiences that help solve the retirement crisis in America.

🏆 Agile Champion

We’re an Agile development organization. You have experience working within Agile methodologies and are excited to advocate for Agile principles and best practices.


  • 3+ years experience with GCP and AWS managed services; Cloud Run, Cloud Datastore, Lambda/Cloud Functions, and Firebase
  • 2+ years experience working with Kubernetes and GKE to host microservices and other programs
  • Ability to use Terraform to provision services across cloud platforms
  • A strong understanding of the IAM permissions system in GCP and AWS
  • Comfortable with continuous integration systems (specifically CircleCI)
  • Ability and desire to mentor, guide, and foster relationships with cross-functional teams


These are the values that drive how we operate and make decisions.

🌔 We’re obsessed with finding a better way. Never settle for less.

💯 We own it. Taking things from 0 to 1, and then from 1 to 100.

🪄 We amaze every client, every time. A great company is built one client at a time.

🏃 We act with a sense of urgency. We use our best judgment to act urgently on the right things at the right time.

👀 We raise our level of awareness. Everything starts with awareness. We’re curious and alert to what is happening around us.

🏈 We find inches everywhere around us. There are thousands of opportunities to make an impact. We take those opportunities and act.

🧭 We do the right thing. Sticking to the highest standard of integrity is not optional.

💪 We have strong opinions, loosely held. It’s not about WHO is right, it’s about WHAT is right.


Agile Software Development
Application Programming Interface (API)
Continuous Integration
Financial Services
Data Store
Google Cloud
Managed Services