Senior Software Engineer - Marketplace Team


Technology @ StockX

Our Technology Team is on a mission to build the next generation e-commerce platform for the next generation customer. We build world-class, innovative experiences and products that give our users access to the world’s most-coveted products and unlock economic opportunity by turning reselling into a business for anyone. Our team uses cutting edge technologies that handle massive scale globally - we’re an internet-native, cloud-native company from day 1. If you’re a curious engineer who loves solving problems, wearing multiple hats, and learning new things, join us!

About the Marketplace Team

Our team owns the backbone of StockX: the global marketplace. Every bid or ask runs through our system, and we provide something no one else in the industry does - a local view to a global marketplace. Our systems run at scale, like 60,000 hits/second scale, and we deal with unique problems that smaller-scale systems never hit. We work with some of the latest technologies, and are currently defining the next generation architecture for our platform. We tackle some of the most difficult challenges you will see as an engineer, and we do it together.

What you’ll do:

  • Collaborate with a team of low-ego, top-level engineers, to build the next-generation scalable, high-throughput platform for the rocketship that is StockX.
  • Own our solutions start to finish. You will be working on an engineer-driven team: we define our solutions, we break projects down into bite-sized chunks, we set milestones for ourselves, we document our services for our needs, we build our systems to our designs, we make sure they are tested, we make metrics that give us the insight we need, and yep we support our production operations.
  • Research and implement cutting edge technology that can be applied to handle massive scale.
  • Contribute to a healthy, collaborative culture where we continuously learn, continuously adapt, and improve together. You’ll bring your experience and lessons from past jobs - and get a chance to help define how our team operates.
  • Tackle the toughest technical challenges at StockX. You will work on high impact projects, with massive scale, and massive dollar values attached to them.
  • Contribute meaningfully to the success of StockX.

About you:

  • You love to learn new technologies and define new architecture and patterns. If you don’t know something, you roll up your sleeves and dig in to figure it out.
  • Quality matters to you. Your code is well-tested, well-monitored, easy to read, easy to change, and you are not willing to compromise quality for speed.
  • You enjoy collaborating with a strong team of peers.
  • You have strong opinions, loosely held. You like working in an environment where others will seek your opinion, and you value seeking other opinions.
  • You understand that details matter. You define and test edge cases, you monitor wherever you think there is ambiguity, you think the appropriate number of exceptions is zero, and hunt down and eliminate them when they do happen. 
  • You take ownership when incidents occur and dedicate as much effort in being accountable as to the day to day work you do.
  • You are not afraid of legacy codebases and are comfortable working in them - at least when you are ripping them apart and rebuilding new systems to replace them.
  • You have strong communication skills and you are comfortable working remotely with people in different timezones
  • You believe service infrastructure is an implementation detail best left up to the engineers doing the work.
  • You enjoy having a healthy work/life balance :)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related technical field required

Bonus Points

  • You have strong experience with some of our back-end languages (Typescript, Javascript, GoLang, Java/Scala, PHP) and technologies (Kafka, Helm/Kubernetes, Redis, AWS, Terraform).
  • You have strong professional experience and understanding of data storage, both relational and non-relational.
  • Experience with both event-based architectures and REST-based microservice architectures.
  • Experience with decomposing monolithic services