Our Engineering team is seeking a Senior Salesforce Administrator to assist our quickly scaling Salesforce team advance the limits of the platform and support our Signal Advisors product. Our vision is to create a Center of Excellence within the Salesforce ecosystem focused on performance, ease of use, and data security. Our focus is building a cutting-edge Salesforce environment that prioritizes excellent user experience while conforming to best practice. With Salesforce being the living and breathing heart of our product, your work will touch both internal users as well as our external customers.


  • Work on a continuously evolving product that is the heart of our Signal Advisors product
  • Take ownership of the Salesforce organization and recommend best practices for improving reliability
  • Collaborate with internal teams and Salesforce Administrators to implement internal tools for our team members
  • Work with our platform development team to implement APIs
  • Work with customers to remedy technical issues they are facing
  • Create and maintain code documentation
  • Participate in code reviews and technical planning meetings
  • Mentor team Signal Team members, encouraging growth and innovation


🗣 Intentional Communicator

Our work is centered around effective communication in a remote environment. We utilize multiple ways to communicate within our team and across the company. You understand and demonstrate excellent communication skills, which includes thoughtfully listening to, distilling, and presenting information that is clear and easily digestible.

💪 Executer

We’re currently building out many new initiatives and programs. You’ll need to quickly ramp up and start executing. We talk a lot about strategy and high-level ideas, and you should be able to independently translate ideas into action, dig into the details, and make progress toward our team’s goals.

🔄 Accountable

Our teams at Signal are small but mighty—we expect team members to work independently, grab the jump ball, and get it past the finish line. Receiving & giving feedback is crucial to accountability. You should be someone that’s comfortable with a culture of continuous feedback.

🌱 Growth Mindset

You believe that there are always opportunities to improve and learn, especially in the face of mistakes, failure, or setbacks. You see potential everywhere, and actively take steps to learn and grow.

🤝 Collaborative

You understand how to collaborate with a variety of different people and roles, and you celebrate opportunities to reach out and work together cross-functionally and with people from diverse backgrounds.


  • 5+ years' experience working with declarative Salesforce administration
  • Experience working alongside Salesforce engineering teams
  • Experience mentoring junior team members
  • Experience implementing Least Privilege security or similar models
  • Familiar with Apex through Trailhead, work experience, or out of our own curiosity
  • Strong Service Cloud experience
  • Exposure to Salesforce Knowledge and Experience Cloud


🌔 We’re obsessed with finding a better way. Never settle for less.

💯 We own it. Taking things from 0 to 1, and then from 1 to 100.

🪄 We amaze every client, every time. A great company is built one client at a time.

🏃 We act with a sense of urgency. We use our best judgment to act urgently on the right things at the right time.

👀 We raise our level of awareness. Everything starts with awareness. We’re curious and alert to what is happening around us.

🏈 We find inches everywhere around us. There are thousands of opportunities to make an impact. We take those opportunities and act.

🧭 We do the right thing. Sticking to the highest standard of integrity is not optional.

💪 We have strong opinions, loosely held. It’s not about WHO is right, it’s about WHAT is right.


Code Review
Data Security
Salesforce Certified Administrator