At Grand Circus, we train students for jobs in the fastest-growing tech

companies. We know that anyone can be a developer, so we’re passionate about

educating career transitioners in coding and other skills that lead to high-growth

careers. To do so, we need an operational-guru, otherwise known as a Program

Manager, to shepherd our students to success in this virtual landscape!

This is a contracted, part-time position (max 25 hours per week). The After-Hours Program Manager needs to be available during class time, which is Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. 


As a Program Manager at Grand Circus, you’re responsible for the student experience during their time in a bootcamp, where you’ll handle all non-technical and logistical aspects of our programs. Specifically, you’ll oversee the student's transition from orientation all the way through their bootcamp at Grand Circus to graduation! During a student's time at Grand Circus, you’ll be their go-to person, where you will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating fun events like virtual game nights, happy hours, and any other exciting activities that foster community online
  • Supporting students' job readiness through soft skills training, in coordination with the Bootcamp Delivery Manager and Career Services
  • Communicating regularly with students to keep them on track for graduation
  • Handling all feedback from students, including through retros, 1:1s, and surveys
  • Providing direct positive and constructive feedback to students to help them grow
  • Communicating effectively and regularly with instructional staff, career services staff, and the Bootcamp Delivery Manager
  • Responding to student inquiries on Slack and email in a timely manner
  • Assisting career services team member(s) with scheduling soft skills sessions, career 1-1’s, mock interviews and other student communications and initiatives 


  • Have a proven track record of being a "people person"
  • Have the ability to make important decisions on the fly
  • Have been told you’re highly detail-oriented and never miss a beat
  • Are often the “go-to” person for advice
  • Feel comfortable delivering direct feedback
  • Are known for your effective communication (both orally and written)
  • Operate most effectively when you have access to organizational tools
  • Are down with the company culture at Grand Circus:
  • Love your coworkers and Mondays
  • Support diversity efforts in your community
  • Bring a layer of knowledge on random topics
  • Creatively embrace chaos and change


There are a lot of wonderful things to say about being a Grand Circus teaching assistant. It’s hard to beat the feeling that accompanies alumni reaching out to tell you they landed a great new job because of what you taught them. It’s also hard to beat that warm-and-fuzzy feeling that happens when you see it finally click for a student. It also doesn’t hurt that you’re essentially shaping the minds of an army of newbie developers. Want even more? Check out our careers page, plus…


If this position sounds right for you, we’re so excited to meet you! Email with the subject line “After Hours Program Manager – Remote” and your answers to the following questions:

  • What experiences in your life make you uniquely qualified for this position?
  • One of Grand Circus’ core values is “anyone can be a developer.” What does this mean to you?


Organizational Skills
Administrative Skills
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Slack (Software)
Zoom (Video Conferencing Tool)