Integral was founded in late-2017 in Detroit to leverage our superpowers in technology to help make the world a better place. We built a software consulting company to build great teams that build great products with our customers and help them navigate the opportunities and challenges around software development in order to further their missions.

Since 2017, over 30 integers have come together to serve our clients in the automotive industry including established enterprises like Ford, and Bosch as well as revolutionary startups like May Mobility and Autonomic.

As we transition our company from a startup to a small business, we have taken measures to establish better alignment amongst our teammates and clients by establishing our culture and practices and look to bring maturity to our recruitment capabilities.

We also expect that one of our outcomes from the global pandemic and associated impact on the economy will be a surge in demand for technology services like ours. We see recruitment as a key pillar to sustainably growing our team to best serve our clients.


A strong recruitment part is essential to our consulting company continuing to grow our capacity and capabilities. Historically, we have been able to grow organically through employee referrals, recruitment partners, outbound recruitment, and campus recruitment.

We are especially interested in candidates who have had prior experience with hiring software engineers. If you've had the pleasure of working with engineers in the past, please let us know how hiring software engineers can require a different approach in your cover letter and get bumped to the front of the line.

Integral has a 2020 goal of maturing our recruiting capabilities. This means taking a more deliberate effort to create a cohesive candidate experience while bringing predictability and efficiency to our recruitment operations.

You - The “ideal” candidate

  • You share our core values of kindness over progress, humility over pride, & accountability over comfort and thrive in an open and honest environment where we can count on each other, our clients, and our community can count on us
  • You are able to respond to the changing needs and expectations of a growing business and lead in building our ability to meet our recruitment needs as we grow
  • You are able to collaborate effectively with other Integers seeking and providing support in ways that further our mission and help us achieve our aligned-upon objectives
  • You are able to rely on collective insights and canonical data to drive innovation in our processes and leveraging an experimentative mindset
  • You understand the value of being deliberate around crafting an experience and work to foster a candidate experience that is the most reflective of the value of working at Integral
  • You are resourceful and able to deliver outcomes with the limited resources available to a small business
  • You believe in the value of contributing to community and volunteer
  • You have experience with outbound calls and recruitment marketing and are energized by meeting new people and getting to know them
  • As software practitioners, we can be a quirky bunch with our unique needs; you ideally have recruiting experience specific to software engineering

A day in the life

  • While this is expected to be defined in collaboration with the selected recruitment candidate, this is our current expectation of a day in the life of a recruiter at Integral
  • Balancing between recruitment strategy and execution.
  • We plan on a quarterly basis and check in weekly on progress against quarterly priorities and measurements. Currently, our goal is to maximize the number of offers accepted and we leverage transactional metrics like Inbound Applicants, Phone Screens, and Technical Screens as leading indicators. We expect that these will get updated as our recruitment strategy matures.
  • Marketing our company and positions across relevant platforms (job boards, social media, events, etc.), managing employee referrals and conducting outbound contact to maintain a healthy pipeline of candidates
  • Working with integral’s employee engagement team and hiring managers to establish accurate and engaging job descriptions
  • Being the trusted concierge for all applicants as the first point of contact; establishing a great first impression about Integral, evaluating how well they would fit with our core values and culture, and acting as a point of contact for the candidate through the recruitment process
  • Coordinating interviews specific to the job role for the candidate and facilitating the associated support needed from other teammates at Integral to foster the best candidate experience.
  • Providing Integral’s hiring team with the information needed to make the best decisions possible.
  • Managing expectations (e.g. compensations) with candidates in order to predictably complete the recruitment process for successful candidates
  • Collaborating with our employee engagement team to create the best possible onboarding experience for our new hires
  • Collaborating with Integral’s leadership team to seek help, provide updates, and manage to an integrated company scorecard that helps bring predictability to our operations


  • Medial / Dental / Vision insurance
  • Company equity
  • Performance bonus
  • Gym / wellness reimbursement
  • 401K
  • PTO / Sick time
  • Individual professional development allowance
  • Speaking engagement bonus
  • Remote Work
  • Public holidays and the time between Christmas and New Year
  • 6 Weeks paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Paid volunteer time to serve our community
  • At Integral we look to treat each other with kindness and foster a collaborative, inclusive culture, regardless of gender, race, or orientation. We strongly believe that everyone is welcome to be their authentic self at work.


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