IPFS is an open-source project that cares deeply about supporting its many communities -- from distributed web developers, to browsers, to blockchain projects, to data storage hosts. Having healthy communities is critical for the long-term health of IPFS by ensuring that all contributors and users are welcome, engaged, and getting the help they need.

At Protocol Labs, research development (ResDev) is an even more advanced set of work. In addition to supporting our on-going services and protocols, a developer relations person would help advance the next generation of blockchain and Web3 technologies. This means rallying developers and scientists around the world to help advance the state of the art, exploring novel technologies, and bridging research areas into documentation and tools the community can build on.

From this organization and background, in 2022, we plan on launching a new effort for Compute over Data. While the technology is in flight, we cannot simply release the code and assume success. To get the kind of uptake necessary, we must take ownership to bring the community along, educate interested parties and encourage coordination and collaboration in their development and roadmaps. Specifically, across these many investments, we would like someone to coordinate:

  • Keeping documentation (new protocols, APIs, examples) up to date and complete
  • Having relevant/new demos for new releases (including case studies)
  • Organizing community events around new releases (e.g. having proper materials ready for presentations (a simple deck that could allow anyone to organize a meetup once a quarter that had demos/docs for "Here's everything Compute over Data launched since we last met")
  • Creating/maintaining/submitting talks to important research conferences
  • Creating, or guiding the creation, of language specific bindings as necessary (e.g. Python, Javascript, Rust, Go) that feel native and are testable
  • Etc.

This could be via building an internal team, managing an external workforce, partnering with the ecosystem and external firms to handle key components, or some combination of all of the above. Goals that we might expect from such a role would include:

  • Publication of testable documentation for all externally facing functions developed by Compute over Data measuring the performance of the website
  • Publication of 5+ demos and 5+ case studies
  • Produce content and encourage local individuals to hold 100 meetups in 5+ cities
  • Enabling partnerships with 5+ research teams (10-20 individuals) to actively work on projects related to compute over data 
  • 100+ people in a community space (e.g. Slack)
  • Launch tools to collect user feedback across email, StackOverflow, Discord, Twitter, Slack, GitHub and participate in 4+ backlog management sessions over the course of the year to flesh out user stories with the end user in mind

We expect this person not to do all these activities themselves, but to have a vision about what makes for a wonderful developer experience, contract/coordinate/hire the necessary resources to enable this, and have a high bar for quality to which they hold all of Protocol Labs and our community. They will also be the face of compute over data to the community and our communities’ advocate to compute over data/Filecoin/IPFS working groups. Through it all -- the tactical and strategic work -- your warmth and thoughtfulness will be needed to maintain welcoming spaces for our community members.

Ideal candidates will have...

  • Previously managed technical relationships in a partner or sales engineering capacity globally or in multiple countries
  • Advised on partner projects’ application architecture and done co-development in Github with them
  • Familiarity with peer-to-peer, decentralized, or blockchain technologies
  • Experience with developer relations and developer support
  • A technical background, and can code in one or more languages (preferably Rust, Python, Go, Javascript/TypeScript)
  • Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
  • And will enjoy taking initiative to solve open-ended problems

Bonus points…

  • Experience writing documentation or producing other content to synthesize and simplify technical concepts for technical and non-technical audiences
  • Experience with P2P, blockchain, and dapp development tools and workflows
  • Experience speaking at conferences, developer summits, or virtual events
  • Experience working in or managing open source software communities
  • Experience teaching, writing, or hosting workshops



Product Management