As the Partner Recruiting Manager, your primary focus is to source, engage, and manage fulfillment partner acquisition efforts with the intent of finding qualified candidates that help grow GreenLancer’s network. 

You will report to the Director of Field Services, and are ultimately responsible for managing an assortment of in-network, organic, and out-of-network recruiting strategies to find qualified fulfillment partners on behalf of GreenLancer’s solar, electric vehicle charging, and telecom divisions. The Partner Recruiting Manager will execute on these strategies to find and recruit candidates that satisfy the qualification requirements and recruiting goals set by each division. 


  1. Recruit new fulfillment partner candidates on job boards, social media, industry, websites, and other possible channels.
  2. Manage the sourcing, recruiting, and screening of fulfillment partner candidates for a variety of programs and opportunities; including licensed contractors, engineering firms, service vendors, and administrators.
  3. Assist the team with identifying, recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding new fulfillment partners.
  4. Screen the candidates to verify and ensure that the fulfillment partners have the proper licenses, insurances, and credentials to meet service requirements.
  5. Identify as many qualified fulfillment partner candidates per identified market that can provide solutions to our Customers
  6. Provide phone and chat support and guidance to fulfillment partner candidates to ensure timely onboarding.
  7. Collaborate with GreenLancer’s internal team to optimize workflow automation used for recruiting and processing new Fulfillment Partners
  8. Attend meetings with GreenLancer’s internal team, Customers and Fulfillment Partners as necessary
  9. General availability on weekdays between 8am-8pm ET
  10. Record time on a weekly basis


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