At Grand Circus, we train students for jobs in Michigan’s fastest-growing tech companies. We know that anyone can be a developer, so we’re passionate about educating career transitioners in coding and other skills that lead to high-growth careers. Come make a huge impact with us as our new Full Stack JavaScript (MERN stack) Instructor! 


Grand Circus instructors help change students’ lives by sharing their developer skills and expertise. Instructors work closely with students and a team of Grand Circus teaching assistants, program managers, the Bootcamp Delivery Manager, and the Director of Learning to ensure that students have all of the technical skills they need to be career-ready at the end of their bootcamp. Instructors are responsible for the technical know-how of their students; it is the role of the instructor to help students get the MongoDB, Express, React, and Node skills that they will need not just to truly be successful on the job, but to be enthusiastic contributors to the tech community overall. 

In action, this means that instructors are responsible for: 

● Leading daily classroom activities from technical lecture, to labs, to review sessions 

● Providing feedback to students 

● Working with Program Managers, Teaching Assistants, and the Bootcamp Delivery Manager to respond to student feedback 

● Responding to student inquiries on Slack 

● Communicating with Program Managers and the Bootcamp Delivery Manager about student progress 

● Providing real-world examples and context for lessons 

● Building a supportive classroom environment 

● Adjusting curriculum and content to adapt to student and/or employer needs, in coordination with the Content Owner and Director of Learning 

● Sharing passion and enthusiasm for development 


There are a lot of wonderful things to say about being a Grand Circus instructor. It’s hard to beat the feeling that accompanies alumni reaching out to tell you they landed a great new job because of what you taught them. It’s also hard to beat that warm-and-fuzzy feeling that happens when you see it finally click for a student. It also doesn’t hurt that you’re essentially shaping the minds of an army of newbie developers. 

Want even more? 

● Competitive compensation 

● Regular feedback for instructional growth 

● Becoming a part of the nerdiest, coolest team at Grand Circus 


We’re looking for someone to join our team on a contract basis, to teach a remote After-Hours Full Stack JavaScript bootcamp. This bootcamp will run 6:30-10:00pm Eastern Standard Time/Eastern Daylight Savings Time, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, for the 26 instructor-led weeks of a 28 week program. 

When it comes to skills, we’re looking for an instructor who: 

● Can demonstrate advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React 

● Has experience creating REST APIs with Node and Express 

● Has experience with server-side web application development, such as using Express with a Handlebars rendering engine 

● Has experience with SQL or NOSQL databases. MongoDB and Postgres are ideal! 

● Has at least two years’ professional software development experience 

● Communicates complicated programming concepts in beginner-friendly language 

● Is passionate about mentoring and/or teaching 

● Cares deeply about community 

● Obsesses about preparation and organization 

● Is open to giving and receiving feedback 

● Can handle the fast pace and quick changes of startup life 

It would be awesome if our new instructor also… 

● Has a degree in Computer Science 

● Has 3 – 5 years of teaching experience 

● Has experience in TDD, Firebase, CI/CD, and server less 

● Has worked on open-source projects 


Instructor– Remote” and your answers to the following questions:

  • What experiences in your life make you uniquely qualified for this position?
  • One of Grand Circus’ core values is “anyone can be a developer.” What does this mean to you?


Application Development
Web Application Development
MERN Stack
JavaScript (Programming Language)
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