Our system is unique for delivering and monitoring usage of pharmaceutical medications. You can think of it as a single point dispensing solution for Health and Wellness - and now we have the opportunity to change the lives of countless people around the world with the next generation of our IoT dispenser - and we need your help bringing it to life!

The idea is to build an ecosystem, where the medical adherence of the consumer is fostered first.

Our pod delivery system is iconic and enables us to efficiently package medications in an easy-to-use form that works directly with our Internet-connected dispenser. Our users discover our offerings through our e-commerce platform and track intake with our mobile app.

About the Job

To be clear: WE ARE LOOKING FOR A ROCKSTAR! We are a small, highly focused team of subject matter experts that absolutely crushes it. We care about each other, our home lives, and our team success. We have a fantastic culture built on respect and ownership. We want you to be a part of it.

Our Full-Stack Engineers work as part of our fast-moving team developing and maintaining new products and features, staying up to date on the latest best practices and working them into our engineering strategy.

Our start-up environment means there is considerable responsibility and ownership of this function along with a significant opportunity to do amazing things! This position requires a self-motivated person with great communication skills, who is a multi-talented, resourceful, team player. You will need experience building scalable, well-documented, maintainable and secure products.

The Perigon Health 360 team is focused to empower one another to build an incredible experience for our customers, which will be used by thousands including our very own family and friends. We take pride in our work and put in the extra effort as we all have people in our lives who will benefit from our product.


There is a high degree of autonomy in day-to-day responsibilities, but some of the things we expect:

  • Ability to design, estimate, and code new features
  • Architect new applications and expand existing under the direction of the Senior Director of Engineering and Senior Engineers
  • Help define, document, and enforce engineering standards
  • Perform team member/peer code review
  • Participate in software design discussions
  • Participate in key projects from start to finish with milestones and deadlines

Technical Requirements

  • Four or more years demonstrable full-stack engineering experience
  • GitHub and Project Management knowledge and experience, including JIRA, Clubhouse, or other Agile tracking systems
  • Ability to work well with a motivated team to accomplish the task
  • Ability to refactor existing code
  • Experience in common languages including PHP, Javascript/Typescript, etc.
  • Experience building frontends, backend APIs and middleware
  • Expertise in major web frameworks, Laravel, Vue, NestJS, etc.
  • Experience with relational databases and writing optimized SQL queries
  • Experience with IOS, Android and web based applications
  • Experience with AWS dev ops infrastructure

Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience in containerized deployment with Docker
  • Experience in utilizing AWS services
  • Startup experience
  • Can tell a good joke here and there!

Looking for on-site team member - Plymouth, Michigan

Salary: $120,000

Perigon Health 360 is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Full Stack Software Engineering
Agile Project Management
Front End (Software Engineering)
Back End (Software Engineering)
Hierarchical And Recursive Queries In SQL