We’re looking for a hungry Digital Marketing Specialist that prefers outcomes > output and is driven by real results. We’re prioritizing the right attitude over any one particular skillset, and aren’t afraid to take the right risks to get the job done. If this sounds like a place where you could thrive, please reach out to us and let us know.


About You

·       You are familiar with marketing automation and email marketing.

·       You are insatiably curious and learn everything you can about startups.

·       You are guided by great instincts, supported by data and observations.

·       You are well organized and have no problem juggling multiple accounts and deadlines to make schedules work

·       You are not just a strategist, you LOVE to roll your sleeves up and ship real features


Responsibilities (what your work might look like day-to-day):

While ramping up, you'll...

·       Learn about Jobs to be Done, the framework we use to understand our customer needs.

·       Learn each of the 4 "job types," or types of customers that use Autobooks to send invoices and get paid.

·       Learn about Autobooks, and how we are unique in the marketplace in our go to market strategy.

·       Learn about how we partner with some of the country's biggest banks and how those partnerships give us unique opportunities to market to prospective customers by leveraging the bank's trusted brand.

·       Learn about all of the marketing tactics or channels we have taken advantage of so far.


To make an impact, you'll...

·       Come up with new marketing campaigns based in customer research to help us drive SMB adoption with our existing partners.

·       Work with our team of Conversion Copywriters, to create the content and shape strategy for your campaigns.

·       Work with our Account Management team to capitalize on unique opportunities each partner presents to us.

·       Work within HubSpot and our other marketing tools (getting help where needed) to execute your strategy and bring them to life.

·       Document the outcomes of your campaigns, and help operationalize them for long-term use.

·       Work closely with our Account Management team to drive further access to SMBs with our partners (help them get you permission to market to more SMBs).


When you're ready to level up, you'll...

·       Identify new areas of untapped potential for growth within key partner accounts.

·       Explore fresh new marketing channels and tactics to experiment with.

·       Define best practices for cross-team collaboration so that those methods can be implemented across the company and at scale.


Required Experience/Skills:

·       Comfortable with marketing automation systems and email marketing. HubSpot specifically is a bonus

·       Well organized and able to manage multiple deadlines across multiple accounts

·       Previous experience in a marketing role

·       Foundational understanding of data & analytics. You don't need to be a data science master, but you should be comfortable defining campaign goals, as well tracking & reporting back on the results of your work

·       Proactivity & hustle. You don't wait around for assignments. You take it upon yourself to keep conversations and projects moving forward

·       Critical thinking skills. You're comfortable evaluating options and making decisions in the face of uncertainty, and later reporting back to your team on what worked, what didn't work, and what you've learned

·       Enthusiasm for both shaping strategy and executing on the work. You'd love the chance to direct the high-level plan of what needs to happen, and later proudly point to the results and say "Yup, I built that."

·       You're a delight to work with. We strive to be generous, collaborative, and focused on what's best for the customer — not just what feeds our own self-interests. We'll look for the same from you.


Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Financial Technology (FinTech)