Royalty Gardens is a startup skincare brand looking to hire someone who will manage social media engagement, and customer retention. The Digital Branding Assistant is a creative and self driven person who is skilled at and enjoys connecting with people online and off; they are highly skilled at seeking new relationships and building trust within them. They are energized as she/he engages with customers on a weekly basis, with the ultimate goal of:

  • Earning fans online and off
  • Encouraging fans to visit us at local markets, shop in stores where the product is stocked or buy online.
  • Turning fans into loyal customers.
  • Turning loyal customers into educated advocates so they produce more customers.

The successful candidate should have the following characteristics

  • Be intrinsically motivated/ able to complete tasks with minimal supervision
  • Exceeds at building and maintaining relationships, online and off.
  • Possesses knowledge and understanding of branding. Communicates well.
  • Displays in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms, their respective participants (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.) and how each platform can be deployed to reach our customer

This person will be expected to successfully exercise the following tasks

  1. Become knowledgeable about our products and our mission. Be able to speak fluidly regarding what we offer, why it's a better choice, and how we plan to impact our community.
  2. Deliberate planning, strategizing and goal setting. What will you post, when will you post--and why.
  3. Development of brand presence online and positive reputation (nurture followers from all over the world)
  4. Create content relevant to the brand story and product line. Assistants expected content contribution is 1100 words per month to be proofread/ edited before used. 
  5. Content management of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google My Business. Make 5 posts per week total over different active platforms. Share created content or content from the website Also, post based on trending news. 
  6. Cultivation of leads and sales Engage and nurture followers and people who like or comment on the pages,/ make and respond to some comments--be strategic
  7. Get positive customer feedback (B2C). Encourage them to leave positive reviews on social media platforms and Google. Visit 2 local markets or partner stores per month to record positive customer feedback--be strategic. Forward all negative reviews and contact info to Terri for follow up.
  8. Attend business networking events representing Royalty Gardens with the goal of expanding customer base via partnerships by following up with people of interest. 90 mins per month meeting new businesses in Michigan who may want to sell our product line.


Persuasive Communication
Creative Writing
Social Media