Vroom is an innovative end-to-end ecommerce company that is revolutionizing the car buying experience. Our scalable, data-driven technology brings all phases of the vehicle buying and selling process to consumers wherever they are and offers an extensive selection of vehicles, transparent pricing, competitive financing, and contact-free, at-home pick-up and delivery. We have experienced tremendous growth and have become a disruptive force in the automotive industry. Vroom is an exciting, dynamic workplace, and there's no better time to join the team than right now.

We are hiring Senior Salesforce Engineers!


  • Use Apex, Lightning Web Components, and Lightning aura components to Implement features and bugfixes within the org, following org architecture, software engineering principles, and coding best-practices defined by salesforce team leadership.
  • Follow architectural direction of the org and working approach directed by supervisors.

Design and revision:

  • Communicate major implementation designs to senior salesforce team members for review, making sure that any large potential changes are signed-off before bringing to product
  • Independently learn about different existing systems within the org, documenting any gaps along the way, and plan out feature changes and bug fixes to properly account for that existing work.
  • Identify different out of the box features that can be leveraged to save money on core business processes without heavy developer investment

Senior technical work:

  • Identify good tickets for offshore team, provide detailed technical spec for offshore team, and review offshore team work
  • Review in-progress work and pull requests, providing helpful feedback demonstrating a knowledge of org architecture, existing features, team and business requirements
  • Give constructive, actionable feedback on other team members' solutions
  • Tackle some of the most complicated code projects faced by the org as delegated by salesforce team and engineering leadership
  • Identify compatible third party tools that would be a net value add as the above
  • Contribute to prioritized technical enablement tickets
  • Assist in maintenance of JavaScript scripting used within Software Delivery Pipeline.

Coordination with other teams:

  • Work within an agile process with cross-technical agile squads through agile ceremonies, meetings, issue-tracking systems, e-mail, and team channels.
  • Communicate with product owners, squad technical leads, stakeholders to understand their needs, how Salesforce could add value, and get buy-in on solutions that will be win-wins
  • Collaborate with members of the QA team to resolve communication issues and move work forward through the QA or UAT process.
  • Assist in designing integrations with internal vroom backend services and external 3rd party services

Salesforce Team collaboration:

  • Collaborate with internal Salesforce team including through scheduled team meetings, to keep each other up to date on ongoing and future work in the org, stay up-to-date on team processes, and answer questions.
  • When available, collaborate within the salesforce team and across squads to pick up work needed by other squads.
  • Review and maintain specified org documentation

We value your personal growth, and will gladly train you on any of our technologies that you don’t currently have. Ours is a culture where your voice will be heard, and you’ll be able to see the result of your work!

We’re one of the few players in the ecommerce automotive space. As a member of our crew, you will become an industry expert.


JavaScript (Programming Language)
HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
Object Oriented CSS
SQL (Programming Language)
Agile Software Development
Lighting Design
Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL)
Salesforce Social Studio