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The modern-day solution for the childcare staffing crisis in America.

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Let’s put it simply, childcare centers in America are struggling immensely to find and retain staff. This reality has rippled through a foundational system that was built to support the working family. Staffing shortages have been a direct input into families not being able find affordable childcare or any childcare at all. Children have received low quality care due to a completely burnt out industry. Childcare centers have been forced to operate in undesirable, stressful conditions or not operate at all, because they don’t have enough staff to keep their doors open. We’re at an inflection point. Something desperately needs to change.

At Tandem, our goal is to place qualified, credentialed staff at childcare centers today. Our solution reframes the way the industry thinks about staffing by allowing child care centers to access a network of job-ready workers, on demand, for the first time ever. By offering subs and short-term employees to child care centers, we’ve been able to create an incentive that child care workers have never had before, the ability to work shift-based jobs in the field. Child care workers are participating in the gig economy, an opportunity they’ve never had. This incentive allows us to attract the best talent - one of our centers recently told us “I will say – trying to hire and fill positions, whether its for a sub or for something more permanent, is SO MUCH BETTER through Tandem. The quality of people who work for you all is by far superior to everywhere else we have used.”

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