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  • Founded: 2016
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The Rheaply Platform is a cloud-based resource exchange technology application for connecting people and organizations with resources to those who need them, improving reuse outcomes and catalyzing the circular economy. As the only market solution that combines an asset management system with an online marketplace, Rheaply’s platform enables organizations to exchange materials and resources more effectively, eliminating unnecessary waste and spend. To learn more about Rheaply, visit or follow @RheaplyInc.

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Midwest Tech Job Digest: Open Business Operations Jobs

It’s no surprise that the new year didn’t bring an instant stop to layoffs.  According to there’s already been 170+ tech companies that have laid off over 56,000 employees. Also according to, only about 800 of those 56,000+ laid off were at Midwest-based companies.  That’s only 1.43%. 

Midwest Tech Job Digest: 8 Companies Hiring Engineers Now

Happy new year! January is usually one of the best times to find a new job as companies unlock new hiring budgets and the lull from the holidays is over. Of course, over the last six months or so we’ve seen a major hiring slowdown, but we still expect to see an uptick in open jobs this January.  Because here’s the deal. The majority of these layoffs are happening at Big Tech companies — yes, “Big Tech.” Startups (though they did also see the worst reductions in November) are in fact different from Big Tech.

Midwest Tech Job Digest: 12 Sales Roles Open Now

Recently laid off? Looking for a new job to start 2023 off right? Whatever brings you on this job hunting journey, we’re here to help! Yes, many companies are experiencing layoffs right now, but there are still companies that are hiring! Many companies continue to grow and are looking for people to join them. Check out 10 tech companies hiring for open sales roles.

Weekly Job Digest

There’s no doubt a shift is happening in the hiring landscape. Many companies, big and small, have gone from rapidly hiring to cutting teams and reorganizing their labor force. But that’s not the whole story.  Despite the media’s focus on layoffs and hiring freezes, there are still many companies that are hiring. Just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen companies continue to hire, raise money and grow.

Top Chicago Startups to Watch in 2022

The list is out for 2023 — check out the Top Chicago Startups to Watch in 2023. As one of the biggest cities not just in the Midwest but in the country, Chicago has a fast-growing startup ecosystem. Some of the biggest tech companies are based in Chicago (Grubhub, G2, Cameo, and so many more), and the city has minted 8 unicorn startups. And there are plenty of rapidly growing companies and startups hiring in Chicago. 

2022 Chicago Companies With The Best Benefits

Chicago has minted eight unicorn startups valued at over $1 billion just in the first half of 2021 alone. The Windy City is on track for explosive growth in the tech sector as Big Tech moves more headquarters to the Midwest and startups bloom around them.