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Join the Midwest’s largest startup & tech community. We connect top talent with purpose-driven companies based on values, experience and culture contribution.

The process of finding a new job can feel frustrating, time-consuming, and not very human. So our founder, Ryan Landau, wanted to create a platform that centered around community, education, culture, and purpose. A platform that empowers people to find fulfillment in their career and help them realize their potential—do what they're meant to do.

We started in Detroit because Detroit is our home, and it’s one of the best cities for startup jobs. What’s even better? It’s surrounded by other amazing cities in the Midwest that are at the top of the startup game. A lot people have their eyes on the Midwest now—it's a great place to live and work. We've always believed this about the region, and we're excited to see even more growth and opportunity coming to the Midwest.

And that's what this community is all about—purpose, growth and opportunity, both professionally and personally. We love to celebrate wins, cool technology, and good humans. 

About Purpose Jobs

Purpose Jobs is the largest startup and tech community in the Midwest, building a community of purpose-driven people who share values and ideas about how we live, work and play. We tell authentic stories and match people and workplaces based on culture contribution. 

As a bootstrapped, profitable company, we're always thoughtful about our growth. We only open a few positions a year, and we're always focused on long-term growth—not the quick wins. We believe in a person's potential more than experience and degrees.

Why work at Purpose Jobs

Professional Growth

  • Ownership
  • Safe Environment to Fail
  • Empowered to Pursue Passions
  • Innovation
  • Leadership Opportunities

Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

  • Practices Inclusion
  • DEI Education & Resources
  • Partners with DEI Groups

Culture & Climate

  • Results Oriented
  • Communication
  • Fast-paced
  • Thoughtful
  • Autonomy
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Empathetic
  • Transparent
  • Humble
  • Optimistic
  • Passionate


  • Work/Life Balance
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Remote Friendly
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Engages with Community
  • Start-To-Finish Ownership
  • Wears Many Hats


  • Team Events/Retreats
  • Team Support
  • Friendly


  • Parental Leave
  • Physical Wellness
  • Mental Wellness
  • Unlimited PTO
  • 401k
  • Health Insurance
  • Mental Health Days

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Purpose Jobs In The News

2024 Purpose Awards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right: it’s time for the annual Purpose Awards. 

Cleveland-Based Fund That Flip is Full Speed Ahead—with a New Name

Fund That Flip has grown so much that it’s outgrown the name.

Purpose Jobs Teams Up With OhioX For Happy Hour Series In Columbus

We are so pumped to partner with our friends at OhioX as we continue to expand our Startup Columbus Happy Hour.

Michigan Tech Week returns to celebrate nation’s top emerging tech community

Building on the success of the first Michigan Tech Week in 2022, MTW is returning for its second year and kicking off on October 9th. The four-day conference will be held in Ann Arbor and feature a variety of programming throughout the week, including a star-studded lineup of local and national speakers, tech demos, happy hours and more. 

Rev1, Ohio State, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Launch $30M Fund for Healthcare Innovation

Rev1 Ventures, the Columbus-based venture studio that helps entrepreneurs and corporations accelerate innovation, has partnered with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University to launch a $30 million fund focused on innovation in the healthcare space. 

This Fall's Top Startup & Tech Events

Fall is shaping up to be a busy season around the region for startup and tech events. Let's party! Here's a breakdown of the top events this season. Mark your calendars and RSVP! 

This Week’s Top Tech News from the Midwest

The Midwest continues to win major economic development projects and support fast-growing startups.

11 Companies That Actually Care About Growth And Development

It’s one thing for employers to say, “You can grow a lot at our company,” but it’s another thing to have the systems and culture in place to truly support employee growth. 

Introducing Purpose Jobs 3.0: The Next Evolution in Purpose At Work

Whether you’ve been with us for six days or six years, allow us to reintroduce ourselves. 

The Best Purpose-Driven CEOs in 2023

There’s no one-size-fits-all for a CEO. Each brings their own unique perspective, background and mindset to the role. But there certainly are some that stand out more than others. For good or for bad. 

7 Tips on How to Stay Engaged at Work this Summer

Let’s be honest — even if you enjoy your job, it can be tough to focus during the summer. Especially in the Midwest when the summers are unbeatable.  During this time, we want shorter work hours, summer Fridays, 4-day work weeks and in an ideal world, a summer break like when we were kids.  With the sun beating in from your window, a cold brew in your hand, and a farmer’s tan, how do you stay engaged at work? We’ve got you covered.    {% module_block module "widget_1689942009916" %}{% module_attribute

Amazon to Invest $7.8 Billion in Ohio Data Center Expansion, Boosting State's Tech Status

In a major boost to Ohio's status as a technology hub in the Midwest, Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to invest an estimated $7.8 billion by the end of 2029 to expand its data center operations in central Ohio. The plan, unveiled by Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted, who leads the state's technology office, represents the second-largest private sector investment in the state's history.

Best Places to Live in Columbus, Ohio: Guide to the Best Neighborhoods

The Columbus area is fast-growing due to the rise of tech opportunities. The growing startup scene in Columbus and the new developments and investments from companies Intel, Amazon and Microsoft are bringing a lot of new folks to the area. 

9 Tech Companies with Summer Fridays and Other Summer Benefits

We love our Summer Fridays at Purpose Jobs. After putting in our four hours, we head to the beach, the park, the gym, our backyards . . . wherever the weekend is taking us. 

Cleveland-based Workforce Intelligence Company Axuall Raises $20M

Axuall, a Cleveland-based workforce intelligence company serving healthcare organizations, has raised $20 million in a Series B fundraise.

A VC’s Guide to Startup Hiring: Compensation & Benefits

Though the venture capital industry is known for handing out the big bucks to — hopefully — promising startups, the industry is less known for their other responsibilities: advocating, strategy development, accounting support, financial modeling, hiring/recruiting, and everything else it takes to move an innovative company out of the fledgling stage. 

Why Emerging Tech Hubs Are Leading the Way in Chip Development

High-tech semiconductor manufacturing, venture capital, and Silicon Valley share a common origin story. 

Midwest Tech Events: Spring 2023

We love springtime! Things start picking up again, we all emerge from our winter cocoons, and warmer weather brings the return of outdoor gatherings and good times. 

8 Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Employer Branding Strategy

So you have your employer branding strategy built. You've started creating content. You're distributing it across your channels. Your team is attending events to meet candidates. You've been posting on your own LinkedIn. Now you might be wondering: is it working?

Crafting an Effective Employer Value Proposition

In today's job market, it's not enough to simply offer a paycheck and a few benefits to attract and retain top talent. Organizations need to create an employer value proposition (EVP) that communicates their unique value and benefits to potential and current employees. An effective EVP can help differentiate your organization from competitors, increase employee engagement and satisfaction, and ultimately, drive business success. But developing an EVP is not always easy. 

OpenLoop Raises $15M Series A to Streamline Virtual Care Delivery

Telehealth startup OpenLoop announced yesterday that it raised $15 million in a Series A funding round to continue its mission in powering virtual and hybrid healthcare across the country. 

What is Employer Branding? And 4 Solid Examples You Can Copy

Branding. It’s often used by the marketing team to talk about the company’s brand, but it’s becoming more and more important in the recruiting industry, too. 

How to Show Appreciation for Remote Employees

If you’re in a remote or even hybrid environment, you know that the days of donuts and coffee in the office are long gone. It was easy when we all spent our time together in the same four walls — you could pick up pastries from our local spot, make a reservation for a taco lunch, or even set out some cornhole boards for your employees to let off some steam and say “thank you.” 

How to Optimize Your Job Search

People always say “job searching is a full-time job,” and depending on what you’re looking for it can be time-consuming. It can feel isolating. It can even be discouraging at times, but it doesn’t have to be.

How to Build and Execute an Effective Employer Branding Strategy

Hiring top talent can be a real challenge for startups and tech companies. Recruiters are searching for top talent among a limited pool of applicants. And as candidates continue to search for companies offering the top benefits for employees, it becomes even harder to compete with established and emerging companies alike.

7 Black Founders in Ohio to Know

Landing venture capital funding seems like it would be fair game - you have a good idea, you shake the right hands, and you eventually can get some green for your startup. 

Celebrating Black History: 16 Black Leaders in Tech

There are many ways to celebrate Black History Month. Learning about amazing Black figures in American history. Discussing solutions to problems in diversity, equity and inclusion at the office. Reading stories written by great Black authors. The list goes on. 

Powered by Purpose: Introducing the Purpose Certification

Anyone who works in recruiting knows the labor market can shift quickly and dramatically. In 2020, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a dramatic shift take place that has altered the landscape of workplace culture — and it’s largely for the better.

10 Reasons You’ll Love Living and Working in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio, is a booming, cosmopolitan city attracting employers and top talent from all over the country. 

Not Hiring? Here’s Why You Should Still Be Thinking About Retention

From the Great Resignation and “Quiet Quitting” to massive layoffs, it would appear that the power dynamics between employer and employee have shifted once again. 

11 Reasons You’ll Love Working and Living in Detroit

We love Detroit. We love living in Detroit. Detroit is our people. It’s where we’re headquartered, and it’s where we’re helping the local startup and tech community recruit the nation’s top engineers, designers, product experts, marketing gurus, and more.

A VC’s Guide to Startup Hiring: Job Postings

Though the venture capital industry is known for handing out the big bucks to — hopefully — promising start-ups, the industry is less known for their other responsibilities: advocating, strategy development, accounting support, financial modeling, hiring/recruiting, and everything else it takes to move an innovative company out of the fledgling stage. 

The 2022 Startup and Tech Market Report — And an Optimistic Look Ahead

There’s no doubt this year has had its ups and downs. Making national headlines were the slew of layoffs across the board at major tech companies like Amazon, Meta, and Netflix. While the Midwest hasn’t been totally immune to layoffs and rollbacks, it’s faring better than the coasts. 

Detroit Fintech Startup Raises $2.6M to Boost Financial Wellness

Pocketnest, the Detroit-based fintech startup founded by Jessica Willis, announced today that it raised $2.6 million is a funding round led by Reseda Group. This brings the startup's funding up to nearly $5 million. 

10 Midwest Startups Focused on Community

This time of year we like to take a moment to reflect on giving back to the community. One of the biggest themes of giving back in the startup world is returning the love to the people and the planet that provides support when you’re getting started.   As part of this reflection, we’d like to bring to light a few companies that keep the community and our environment top of mind. 

Top Benefits Employees are Looking for in 2023

Employee benefits continue to be the top priority of job seekers' lists and are often a make or break for them. It’s pretty simple. Employees want benefits that promote flexibility, support their well-being and provide financial security. 

Employer Branding Examples to Help You Attract the Right Talent

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a star pupil simply by posting a job? No need to share information about your company, get visibility on multiple job boards, and not even the hours it can sometimes take to source the perfect candidate. Sounds like a dream right? Yup. ‘Cause, that’s what it is.  Attracting quality candidates takes work. Work that is so worth it in the end. Investing in employer branding tactics go a long way, especially in attracting talent. A whopping 75% of job seekers consider a

Midwest Tech Events: Fall 2022

Hay rides. Pumpkin picking at the pumpkin patch. Apple picking at the orchard. There are tons of fall activities to take part in that kick off the season right. And the Midwest tech community is jumping on board! We've rounded up some of the most exciting events happening in the Midwest this fall — our community of tech companies and startups are bringing people together through creativity, innovation, and a good time. 

16 Slack Groups to Help you Find Your Online Tech Community

Most of us are on Slack for our jobs most of the day already. Why not join a community of like-minded professionals to expand your network, bounce ideas off, seek advice, or even find your next job? 

Beginner's Guide to Freelancing as a Web Designer

Thinking of making the switch from full-time to freelance web design? Here are seven strategies for jumpstarting your success as a web design freelancer. 

13 Tech Companies Great For Flexible Working

How and where we work have changed so much over the last two years, it’s having a lasting impact on company structure. Job seekers demand flexibility when it comes to location, schedules and culture because the old way of working, well, wasn’t really working. 

Michigan Tech Week: Behind the Scenes of the Michigan Tech Scene

The inaugural Michigan Tech Week is coming to Detroit! Michigan Tech Week brings together stakeholders in the Michigan tech ecosystem to connect and collaborate. This two-day event, which will occur from October 12-October 13 at the Detroit Gem Theatre, features various keynote speakers, panels, venture networking, and happy hours. 

How to preserve, shape culture in the world of remote and hybrid work

Recently a chief marketing officer told me that his company was considering moving to a fully remote model. But, in doing so, could they preserve what he believed was a great culture?

How KLA’s Center for AI in Ann Arbor is Addressing the Chip Shortage

How is one company a part of every technological advancement? Semiconductors are in virtually every piece of technology. Even a lightbulb can have a chip, and KLA is helping those chips get to market faster.

Weekly Job Digest

There’s no doubt a shift is happening in the hiring landscape. Many companies, big and small, have gone from rapidly hiring to cutting teams and reorganizing their labor force. But that’s not the whole story.  Despite the media’s focus on layoffs and hiring freezes, there are still many companies that are hiring. Just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen companies continue to hire, raise money and grow.

Deciding to go completely remote? Keep these two major factors in mind.

Remote, hybrid, or all in-office? That’s the question organizations are asking as official pandemic protocols lift. 

Defining Success with Julie Menden

Success! You’ve reached the top of the mountain! You’ve submitted your taxes! You ate that entire cheeseburger! There are many things in life that have an obvious end and definition of success. But what about your career? What about your business? These experiences have arbitrary definitions of success and take some work on the backend to figure out for yourself. So where do you start? 

LinkedIn Learning Classes to Enhance Your Company Culture

The state of a company’s culture is one of the top 10 reasons an individual leaves an organization. No longer are the days when a paycheck and medical benefits (although a great work-life balance sure does help!) are enough to keep an employee on the roster. And what is at the heart of it all? The people. So if you’re looking to evaluate your current workplace culture, make a huge pivot, or continue to nurture a great one — make sure you keep your people in mind. 

Monthly Market Report: August

Layoffs, hiring freezes, venture capital slow down . . . these are the headlines currently making the news. And yes, there's no doubt all of that is happening right now. But during this uncertain time, there's also quite a bit of growth happening too. 

7 Ways to Hire and Retain Talent in Uncertain Times

Hiring freezes, layoffs, venture slowdown . . . we’ve all seen the headlines, and yes, they’re pretty discouraging. 

The Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in Columbus

From locally grown unicorns to multibillion-dollar investments by industry giants, Columbus is proving to be an emerging tech hub.

9 Purpose-Driven Tech Companies That Give Back to the Community

At Purpose Jobs, we believe that businesses can be a force of good. Whether that’s through the products or services they offer, or the way they interact with the community. 

12 Midwest Companies Hiring Top Talent Now

Regardless of the current state of the job marketplace, we see employers posting new opportunities every single day. While the unfortunate layoffs are what we hear of most, there are still plenty of companies that are growing.  And they need great talent like you in order to continue that growth. There are over 160 companies hiring on the Purpose Jobs platform, but here are just a few that we especially love.

Work-Life Balance is a Mind Game

In the past, we’ve featured a great number of companies that are top-of-the-line when it comes to offering solutions for work-life balance. These companies want their employees to truly find a healthy differentiation in their work and personal lives. We love the effort they put into helping their employees create the life they want to live — they’re truly holding up their end of the deal. 

29 Company Retreat Ideas to Help your Remote Startup Team Connect

One of the biggest challenges for remote teams is finding the time and space to genuinely connect.

5 Major Tech Companies in Columbus, Ohio

With Intel breaking ground in suburban Columbus, we’re taking stock of tech giants with a presence in the area. 

8 Companies Hiring Top Midwest Tech Talent Now

The Midwest truly has some of the best tech talent in the world. Gone are the days when the middle of the country is overlooked and underrated. Companies are seeing it and they are taking action. If you’re a Midwest job seeker with a strong background and desirable skills, these companies are looking for you.

Time for a Change: Breaking into Tech with Leah Zillner

Making a career change is hard no matter what industry you’re trying to break into. But getting into tech is at the top of the list of tough industries to enter.  We sat down with Leah Zillner, a Product Quality Analyst, to understand her career path and process for making a career change into the tech world. 

10 Companies with Great Paid Parental Leave Benefits

The U.S. is one of the only countries in the world without any form of paid parental leave on the national level. 

Apply Now: Open Jobs with Midwest Tech Companies and Startups

Job searching can be an exhausting journey. There. We said it. It’s because of the work and effort we know you have to put into this search, that we want to make it simple for you to see what jobs are available while getting a quick glimpse into a company. So use this 5-minute break from your daily tasks to check out these open jobs.

Detroit Fintech Startup Autobooks Raises $50M Series C

Today, Detroit-based startup Autobooks announced a $50 million Series C funding round led by Macquarie Capital Principal Finance. The round also includes participation from new and existing investors including: Baird Capital, Commerce Ventures, Draper Triangle, MissionOG, and TD Bank (NYSE: TD). Larry Handen, Senior Managing Director at Macquarie Capital will join Autobooks board.

Three Changes You Can Make Today to Humanize Your Interview Process

In the hustle and bustle of scaling a company, hitting headcount deadlines, and keeping up with an email inbox that has no end, it can be easy for us recruiters to forget about how important the personal touch can be for candidates going through an interview process.

Gender Pronouns in the Workplace: What, Why and How to Use Them

June is Pride Month. A month dedicated to celebrating and honoring the LGBTQ+ community and those within it who have fought so hard for equality and acceptance. It’s important to acknowledge these acts of courage throughout the year, but Pride Month gives us a special opportunity to educate ourselves and others.  There are so many things to learn about, but something that is coming up more and more is gender pronouns in the workplace. Since pronouns continue to be in the spotlight, let’s break it down. 

36 Ann Arbor Tech Companies & Startups Hiring in 2022

Ann Arbor continues to be one of the top growing tech ecosystems around the country with some great hiring tech companies. A combination of university talent pipelines, top-rated quality of life, a growing startup ecosystem, and growing VC funding has Tree Town topping lists as one of the best places to start a tech company or find a top tech job. 

What to Do When You Get Laid Off

Of all stressful life events, losing your job has ranked in the top 10 for years. It sucks and there’s no getting around that. On top of that, no one tells you what to do when you get laid off. It’s definitely not a topic we’re educated on.  Getting laid off can bring about so many emotions, throw your life into chaos, and make you question everything. It’s during a time like this that a roadmap for what to do next is crucial. And as major supporters of job seekers and professionals alike, we’d like to

Top Fintech Startups in the Midwest 2022

The Midwest is rapidly becoming home to some of the best fintech startups in the country. 

Apply Now: 13 Open Engineering Jobs with Midwest Startups

From renewable energy to cyber security, there are a ton of great companies hiring engineers to work on exciting projects. If you’re looking for a job with a purpose, a team to call home, or the ultimate work-life balance, check out these 13 engineering roles that are hiring right now.

How to Support Employee Mental Health & Avoid Startup Burnout

When it comes to finding the right job — and staying there — candidates are looking for a lot, especially in a virtual setting. Gone are the days where foosball tables and free snacks constituted benefits. Of course, we still love them, but there has to be more that matters. 

9 Fast-Growing Biotech Companies to Know in Cleveland and Northern Ohio

These northern-Ohio biotech companies are making huge investments, treating diseases

The latest startup and tech news from Ohio

The Ohio startup and tech scene continues to grow. New funding, big tech expansion, and always lots of hiring. 

Modern Recruiting Tools for Hiring Local and Remote Talent Faster

Introducing a suite of new & improved recruiting tools — the best part, it’s free

Purpose Jobs is growing—again! Meet the newest team members.

This has been a big year for Purpose Jobs so far. On top of growing our community in emerging tech hubs across the country, we’re also growing our team!

8 Purpose-Driven Tech Companies Hiring Now

Health insurance, remote flexibility and team retreats are great when it comes to benefits, but there's something even stronger: purpose.

Founder Q&A: Akava CEO on new Olive partnership, remote working

Akava, a leading Silicon Valley-based technology transformation consultancy founded by an Ohio State alum, this week announced a major partnership with Olive, the Columbus, Ohio-based automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare.

SXSW collaboration celebrates innovation, opportunity in Midwest

Last week, after two years of disruption, the South by Southwest Conference & Festival returned to Austin, TX. We partnered with our friends to bring a coalition of more than 30 Midwestern organizations to represent the region at the first ever “Midwest House.”

BrandXR partners with UC Davis using AR to show climate change impact

The Sierra snow pack is rapidly declining to the point where there could be low to no snow within in the next 80 years. Purpose Jobs member BrandXR is bringing awareness to this one example of climate change using augmented reality. 

The Midwest is Going to South by Southwest

After two years of disruption, the South by Southwest Conference & Festival returns to Austin, TX this March, and a coalition of more than 30 Midwestern organizations are working together to make sure the region is represented with the first ever “Midwest House.”

Meet Provide, the people-first fintech company

On a mission to help healthcare providers achieve their practice ownership dreams, Provide isn’t your typical finance company. 

Meet Matt, Purpose Jobs' new Head of Growth

The Purpose Jobs community is rapidly growing, which means the Purpose Jobs fam is growing, too!

Purpose Jobs is hiring— come join us!

As a bootstrapped, profitable company, we're always thoughtful about our growth. We only open a few positions a year, and we're always focused on sustainable growth. We believe in a person's potential more than experience and degrees.

Meet the media titan helping people through life’s tough decisions

You may not have heard of them, but they’re the company behind some of the country’s biggest advice outlets. 

Michigan’s Startup & Tech Leaders on Emerging Tech Trends for 2022

The last two years changed a lot about business, particularly in the tech and startup space. In the Midwest, things are changing even more rapidly. We caught up with just a few of many Midwest tech leaders based in Michigan to ask them for their insights on the emerging trends in Midwest tech.

Quitting Your Job: The Complete Guide

It’s not always easy letting your manager know you’re moving on to a new job. It’s a natural part of everyone’s careers, but still, it can be a difficult, or even daunting thing to do.

Need a career map? This community gives people “directions to their dream job”

Landing your first role in tech is a huge milestone, and it usually takes longer than people expect. Whether you’re a new grad or a career changer, the process of getting an interview alone can be daunting. 

Lineage Logistics announces $1.7B to fuel supply chain innovation

Lineage Logistics, based in Novi, Mich., is the world's leading provider in innovative temperature-controlled industrial REIT and logistics solutions. This month, the company announced it raised $1.7 billion in equity. Participating investors include BentallGreenOak, CenterSquare Investment Management, Cohen & Steers, D1 Capital Partners, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), NYSTRS, OP Trust, Oxford Properties, QuadReal Property Group, Rabobank, StepStone, and others.

Top Hiring Strategies for Startups in 2022

If people are your greatest asset, then finding the right people early on should be your number one goal as you start the year. 

Top Midwest Startup Funding Rounds in 2021

The Midwest had a banner year in startup funding, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic continuing through 2021.

Expert tips for career pivots, virtual job hunts, and remote work

Making Moves: What Comes After Your Best Job Ever, our final event for 2021,  took place on December 7th and featured two experts, Will Post and Macy Tanking. 

Benzinga’s 2nd Inning: Why Now is the Time to Join the Team

Detroit tech company Benzinga has been acquired by Beringer Capital, a private equity firm focused on the media, marketing services, and technology sectors. Beringer acquired a majority stake in the stock market site in a deal valued at $300 million. 

Top Ann Arbor Tech Companies & Startups to Watch in 2022

The list is out for 2024 — check out the Top Ann Arbor Tech Companies & Startups to Watch in 2024   Ann Arbor continues to be one of the top growing tech ecosystems around the country with some of the best startups to watch. A combination of university talent pipelines, top-rated quality of life, growing startup ecosystem, and growing VC funding has Tree Town topping lists as one of the best places to start a tech company or find a top tech job. 

Non-technical jobs at top hiring tech companies in the Midwest

You don't have to be technical to work at a tech company. While top startups seem to always have open jobs for engineers, there are tons of great roles open to non-technical candidates, too. 

How the Midwest is becoming the leaders in climate tech

The Midwest is poised to become leaders in the climate tech space. Why? Not only has the awareness of the urgency of climate change shifted the landscapes around the viability of climate-focused businesses, but many business investment firms are seeing a tipping point where climate technology is becoming as profitable as it is essential to the future of the planet.

The New Era of Benefits: Work/Life Balance, Flexibility, and Purpose

A lot is changing about how we live and work as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. 

2022 Chicago Companies With The Best Benefits

Chicago has minted eight unicorn startups valued at over $1 billion just in the first half of 2021 alone. The Windy City is on track for explosive growth in the tech sector as Big Tech moves more headquarters to the Midwest and startups bloom around them. 

2022 Cincinnati Companies with the Best Benefits

Did you know that Cincinnati has a growing tech scene? Cincy is a great place to live, affordable, and is home to some great emerging tech startups. 

2022 Indianapolis Companies with the Best Benefits

Indianapolis has a growing tech and startup scene. And many Indianapolis tech startups are hiring.

2022 Milwaukee Companies with the Best Benefits

Many tech workers are choosing to live and work in Milwaukee. That’s because Milwaukee has an affordable cost of living matched with a growing tech and startup scene, and wonderful things to do in the city. 

2022 Pittsburgh Companies with the Best Benefits

Pittsburgh, like many other Midwest cities, has a growing tech and startup scene. There is a rising number of robotics and AI startups in Pittsburgh, and growing by the year. 

2022 Remote Companies with the Best Benefits

Tech and startup workers are looking for the best startup opportunities in livable (aka affordable) communities, and many are looking for completely remote jobs. 

'State of Columbus Startups' event celebrates growth in tech ecosystem

On October 12th, our Purpose Jobs crew teamed up with OhioX, One Columbus, Drive Capital, TechLife Columbus, Pride Fund 1 and Ohio Impact Fund to virtually host the State of the Columbus Startup Community. And it was an incredible afternoon! 

50+ Midwest and remote software engineering jobs

It's no secret that software engineers are in high demand. There are plenty of open software engineering jobs, but if you're looking for a new gig, it can be overwhelming to see all the companies hiring software engineers. 

Columbus Venture Capital Firms You Need to Know

There’s an undeniable momentum to Columbus’ startup scene. 

UnifiHealth Raises $5.4M to Provide Health Benefits to Small Businesses

Columbus startup UnifiHealth has raised $5.4 million in seed funding to provide digital-first health benefits to small businesses.

A Guide to Midwest Tech Events — Fall 2021

This fall, the calendar is loaded with tech events around the Midwest, and we are so excited about what's to come. 

Ohio Tech Day launches this week: Q&A with OhioX President Chris Berry

Ready to talk tech in Ohio? Mark your calendar for this one.

Local Favorites: Best Places in Ann Arbor & Detroit

Ann Arbor and Detroit are growing startup hubs with a record number of new businesses being founded here and hundreds of open startup and tech jobs. And one of the reasons why these communities are on the rise as top places to live and work is because they’re full of fun things to do and cool places to hang out. We’ve been collecting some favorite hangout spots from our Purpose Jobs community along the Road Trip with Purpose, and here are some ideas for the best places in Ann Arbor and best places in

We’re launching a Slack community!

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Purpose Jobs. We want to help people connect, learn and grow in their community — and in ours. We even have a manager dedicated to building community (oh hey, that’s me, Hannah 👋) 

Virtual Road Trip Shows Strength of Detroit & Ann Arbor Tech Hubs

This week, the Purpose Jobs crew made our first stops on our virtual road trip, landing in Ann Arbor and Detroit. Cities in the Midwest, like Detroit and Ann Arbor, are taking off as emerging tech hubs. They're proving themselves to be amazing places to work, live, find fulfilling careers and enjoy life. So we partnered with our friends at Detroit Venture Partners to showcase all things living, working & tech in the Detroit and Ann Arbor communities. After the panels, we hosted a virtual startup and tech

How To Keep Your Diversity & Inclusion Plan Going

It’s been over a year since the murder of George Floyd launched the country into a time of racial reckoning. For many, it was more than a moment (to quote Hamilton, “this is not a moment, it’s the movement.”) But for many, momentum has fallen. 

Employee Engagement Tips for Retaining Great Talent

In April, four million people (equivalent to 2.7% of the American workforce) quit their jobs—a record high since 2000. Now, as 41% of workers worldwide are considering leaving their jobs, experts are dubbing this era the “Great Resignation”. There are various factors that go into this trend, but with a record number of jobs opening in the US, workers are much less hesitant about leaving their current jobs for greener pastures.Employee disengagement is always costly, but with employees now actively looking

The Rise and Future of the Columbus Startup Ecosystem

A place that was once known as Test City, USA, due to its close resemblance to the overall population and preferences of our country as a whole, is now the 14th largest city in the US and growing. Many people know Columbus, Ohio, as the home of the Ohio State Buckeyes or as the capital of a state that produced 8 US presidents. However, some things that the general population may not know is that Columbus is within 500 miles of 50% of the US population, was home to the first woman to fly around the world,

The Purpose Team is growing... Meet Hannah & Jonathan!

Last month, we hired two new great humans to join our team. We're always very thoughtful about our growth, and we can't be more excited about them being a part of the Purpose Jobs fam. 

12 Midwest Startups Offering Mental Health Benefits

Are you looking for a healthy work environment with a job that offers mental health benefits? As the mental health crisis continues to worsen and companies continue to work remotely, startups are rethinking their benefits—free snacks and Ping Pong just aren’t cutting it in a remote world.

Building resilience plus more mental well-being strategies for work

As we know, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While this topic has always been important, the past year has only worsened the mental health crisis in America and made the issue all the more important to discuss this year. That's why on May 25th, the Purpose Jobs team hosted a virtual panel on mental well-being in the startup workplace to dive into some of the issues people are facing, and how companies can do their part to help out. 

Building Your Employer Brand To Attract Top Talent

What does it take to attract top talent in a competitive job market? The answer goes beyond benefits: it involves good employer branding. 

Post-COVID Recruiting Trends: What's Changing about How We Hire

A lot is changing about how we work as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, but what about how companies hire? COVID has shifted priorities for many workers who had to juggle priorities this last year, or who had a taste of a different lifestyle. This means how companies recruit has to change to keep up with an anticipated exodus of workers from traditional jobs. Also, companies are discovering that recruiting only from traditional tech hubs or elite universities has limited their access to talent that

7 Midwest Sustainability Startups to Know

It’s Earth Day again, and we’re so happy that more startups than ever are founded on a mission of sustainability. If you’re looking for a great job at a Midwest sustainability startup, you have so many choices. In honor of the earth-friendly holiday, we rounded up some great companies doing good work in the environmental space in the Midwest. Here are a few of the awesome sustainability startups from Ann Arbor to Columbus.

Coastal Startup and Tech Companies Hiring in the Midwest

Whether hiring for remote jobs or looking for local talent, many startups and tech companies are looking to tap into the amazing talent pool in the Midwest. And many of these companies are hiring on the Purpose Jobs platform. 

19 Great Tech Companies Hiring Remote Startup Jobs

Companies everywhere are hiring for remote jobs.

47 Top Startups & Tech Companies Hiring at the Virtual Career Fair

On April 13th, we hosted the Midwest Startup & Tech Virtual Career Fair: Best Places To Work. We had tons of companies join and hundreds of jobs seekers. But if you missed the event and are looking for a job in tech—whether that’s in software engineering, marketing, people, product, sales, or other—don't worry. You can still apply to jobs at these amazing companies.

Have A Disability? Look For Companies That Offer These Benefits

As a person with a disability, you may have found the job market difficult to navigate. For a long time, there’s been a stigma associated with having a mental or physical limitation. But fortunately, times are changing and there are many open jobs for people with disabilities, especially in technology fields. 

26 Fast-Growing Midwest Tech Companies Now Hiring Software Engineers

There’s no doubt that the Midwest is a great place to be for tech jobs. And if you still have doubts, just check out some of the best startups and tech companies that call the Midwest home. They’re great places to work, and, with competitive salaries and affordable cost of living, life in the Midwest can be pretty good. 

Purpose Jobs is Hiring: Relationship Manager, and Community Manager

We're growing our team! As a bootstrapped, profitable company, we're always thoughtful about our growth. We only open a few positions a year, and we're always focused on long-term growth—not the quick wins. We believe in a person's potential more than experience and degrees. 

Candidates Should Ask These 6 Questions About Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. It's something many startups and tech companies say they value and are actively working on. But the truth is, not all of them are walking the walk. 

Ask a Recruiter: Job Hunting Advice, Interview Tips & Resume Help

On January 26th, we hosted a virtual AMA with top recruiter Jamie Koblinski. She answered questions from the community about writing a good resume, prepping for remote interviews, asking the right questions about a company's culture, and more. Check out a recap of some of her advice, or watch the recording of the full conversation. 

The Top Columbus Startups and Tech Companies To Watch in 2021

The list is out for 2022! Check out the Top Columbus Startup and Tech Companies to Watch in 2022   Columbus is one of the best cities for tech jobs, and 2020 proved that. This Midwest city was in some major headlines last year for startup jobs, startup funding, tech IPOs, and rapid growth. 

Top Ann Arbor Tech Companies to Watch in 2021

The list is out for 2022 — check out the Top Ann Arbor Tech Companies & Startups to Watch in 2022   Ann Arbor is perfectly positioned to be one of the best cities for tech jobs. Not just in the Midwest, but in the country. 

Top Detroit Startups and Tech Companies to Watch in 2021

The list is out for 2022! Check out the Top Detroit Startups and Tech Companies to Watch in 2022   It's a myth that only the top startups and the best startup jobs are in Silicon Valley or New York City. As a Midwest company built for Midwest startups, we know that’s just not true.

How this Detroit startup is growing their team by putting people first

“Our technology isn’t the only reason people come and work with us. It’s all about relationships.”

How to Write a Job Description that Brings in Top Tech Talent

“It’s just a job description. It’s not a big deal.”

Welcome to Purpose Jobs

Three years ago, I started re:purpose because I wanted to help people find jobs they loved. 

5 Reasons a Positive Company Culture Increases Profitability

Investing in a positive company culture is one of the best investments a corporation can make. There are a lot of moving parts that go into how a company makes a profit. Questions abound and strategies are constantly being reworked. What product is being sold and for how much? What’s the price of the item or service to the company? How much does it cost to market said product? What do we pay our staff to earn a positive ROI? Who is best to lead on this project? However, one of the most critical and

Why Purpose Jobs?

Why Purpose Jobs? There’s never really one reason someone starts a company. As much as we love the romance of great lightbulb moments and dramatic founding stories, it’s rarely one particular itch or one specific opportunity that sets the entrepreneurial wheels in motion.