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Integral is a software consulting company that focuses on disciplined software engineering practices for the automotive industry.

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We're building great teams who build great products.

Teamwork really matters. We are focused on holding each other accountable, continuously learning, and most importantly—being kind to one another. 

We keep our pulse on the problem though experimentation, frequent feedback loops, and deliberate practice—ensuring that we continuously deliver value with software.

Leveraging software and technology can be a force-multiplier for any initiative. It can also be exhausting, confusing and frustrating to those learning to wield its power. We exist to make the world a better place by making the development of technology intuitive and easy for our teammates, our clients, and our community. Our values mean more than just a poster in the lobby. We demonstrate our values in the way we provide feedback to each other, and in decisions around hiring, firing, and career progression.  

Humility over Pride

  • While we take pride in our work and continuously strive to be our best, we value humility even more. 
  • We acknowledge that we’re never complete. We strive to sharpen our perspectives and improve our skills through the search for knowledge and capability. 
  • We seek to identify the assumptions in our worldview, and to ask questions before forming opinions or judgements. 
  • We are grateful for the opportunities given to us by clients and teammates to collaborate and solve important problems. 

Accountability over Comfort

  • While we may tend toward comfort, we recognize it’s more valuable to be accountable, to assume responsibility and accept the consequences of our actions.  
  • We take responsibility for our own performance and for supporting the performance of clients and teammates. 
  • We ask uncomfortable questions and make difficult decisions with the intent of achieving outcomes, even if they are inconvenient. 

Kindness over Progress

  • While it’s important to make progress toward our goals, we acknowledge that progress without kindness is not sustainable. 
  • We recognize kindness isn’t the same as niceness, and will seek kindness over niceness. 
  • We are assertive, open, and candid in sharing our thoughtful opinions, and providing specific and actionable feedback. 

If you value what we value, we definitely want to chat with you.

Software is revolutionizing the automotive industry and powering modern experiences including connected and autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, and industrial IoT. Come work with us and join our calling of excelling at cloud, mobile, in-vehicle, and other embedded systems by honing in on highly disciplined practices of test-driven development, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and pair programming. 

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