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Hiring in: Detroit

Banking is a part of our everyday lives, but there is no brand we care about, and no brand that cares about us. The American dream is changing. We aspire to work wherever we want, whenever we want, and with whoever we want. And now we can.

Welcome to the FUTUREBANK. We’ve built unparalleled services for anyone who hates their current bank or is one of the millions of American freelancers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, or small businesses who need help starting and operating their financial ecosystem.

Big banks are soulless corporations with antiquated tech who don’t understand the needs of actual human beings. Those banks charge people outrageous fees and penalties and have the worst customer service of all time. (You've definitely screamed "REPRESENTATIVE" into the phone more than once)

FUTUREBANK offers memberships with bundled services. Everything you use in your financial life, all in one place. Name a thing. Yeah, we do that. There are also no fees EVER, and on-demand domestic video-based customer service.

Our tiers of membership are focused on consumers, freelancers, and small businesses. Whether you're someone who is tired of getting taken advantage of by the big banks, a graphic designer who needs to invoice clients, a startup who needs help getting off the ground, or a nine-person company who needs payroll, tax and legal services, we do it all.

We actually care about you. Weird right?

FUTUREBANK was founded by a team unlike any other: Two seasoned entrepreneurs with branding expertise and a massive social media following have teamed up with the former Deputy Secretary of the United States Treasury and the top executive at SoulCycle to reimagine the Banking industry. The people who disrupt major industries and the people who wrote the rules of the financial system are now on the same team. 

Want to be part of a community that is going to make history? Hit us up.

Why work at FUTUREBANK

Professional Growth

  • Ownership
  • Safe Environment to Fail
  • Internal Mobility
  • Innovation
  • Leadership Opportunities

Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

  • Practices Inclusion
  • Accommodations for People with Disabilities
  • Listening

Culture & Climate

  • Results Oriented
  • Communication
  • Fast-paced
  • Engineering-Driven
  • Design-Driven
  • Product-Driven
  • EQ > IQ
  • Rapidly Growing Team
  • Empathetic
  • Creative
  • Transparent
  • Humble
  • Passionate
  • Goal Oriented


  • Work/Life Balance
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Uses Agile Methodologies
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Start-To-Finish Ownership
  • Wears Many Hats


  • Friends Outside of Work
  • Team Events/Retreats
  • Friendly
  • Accessible Management
  • Heavily Team Oriented


  • Equity
  • Unlimited PTO
  • 401k
  • Health Insurance

A Day in the Life at FUTUREBANK




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