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Alchemie is creating a pipeline of success for students in STEM. Our interactive digital learning tools fuse commercial game design with subject content to engage students, providing immediate feedback and real-time assessment as students learn. Data from these tools give instructors and students actionable, data-driven insights to improve student outcomes.

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27 EdTech Companies To Know In Emerging Tech Hubs

The Midwest is home to some of the world’s top universities and scholars. It makes sense that it would also be a hub for EdTech companies. 

Top Startups and Tech Companies in Detroit to Watch in 2024

The “Motor City" is rapidly growing as the place to be for startups and tech. Over the past decade, this city has been transforming into a thriving tech ecosystem, and has been recognized for its massive momentum. In 2022, the city was named the #1 emerging tech ecosystem in the world by Startup Genome, and most recently, PitchBook ranked Detroit second in its global VC rankings for growth in 2023. 

Companies With The Best Culture: 50 Top Midwest & Remote Companies

If a company’s product is what they do, and their purpose is why, their company culture is how.  How does the company operate, how do people interact with each other, and how do things get done. It’s sometimes laid out in concrete terms and examples, and sometimes it’s a vibe. It’s also one of the top things job seekers look for in a new role.

5 Lessons From Leaders Inspiring The Next Generation of Women in Tech

On March 28 we sat down with a group of fearless female tech leaders to talk through their experience of being a woman in the tech industry. We covered struggles, successes, and the advice that helped them break into leadership roles that they want to pass along to the next generation. Not only were we inspired beyond belief, but this conversation also confirmed something we strongly believe: we need more women in tech. 

Top Mission-Driven Startups and Tech Companies in the Midwest

A fulfilling career goes far beyond a nice paycheck and a modern office space. It even goes beyond remote-life, flexible working hours, and work-life balance. Okay, that last one is preeeetty important. But what really makes for a fulfilling career is working for a mission-driven company that does good in the world. 

Top SaaS Startups and Tech Companies to Know in the Midwest

Software as a service is no longer a new idea — but it still packs a big punch in the way we do things. From construction to healthcare, SaaS companies are making a big impact on society and making it easier to get work done so we can spend more time building relationships, connecting with our communities, and making customers happy! 

Midwest Tech Job Digest: Detroit and Ann Arbor Jobs

There’s . . . a lot going on right now.  About 10 days ago we saw the 2nd and 3rd biggest bank collapses in U.S. history with the run on Silicon Valley Bank and then Signature Bank just two days later. Last week, many startup founders frantically tried to figure out their finances, make sure they met payroll, and assure their employee's things would be okay. The dust is still settling, but one thing is for sure: it was a scary time for the startup industry. And it’s not doing anything to help the already

10 Great Workplaces for Women in the Midwest

In honor of International Women's Day, we’re feeling a serious surge of girl power. Women have made a lot of strides in the workplace, especially in tech. But there is still work to be done — as of 2022, women only hold 26.7% of tech jobs (Exploding Topics). 

The Importance of Employer Branding for Modern Recruiting

The recruiting industry is an ever evolving field, and one area that has really exploded over the last decade is employer branding. Why? Because it’s that important to an organization’s success. 

A VC’s Guide to Startup Hiring: Interviewing

Though the venture capital industry is known for handing out the big bucks to — hopefully — promising start-ups, the industry is less known for their other responsibilities: advocating, strategy development, accounting support, financial modeling, hiring/recruiting, and everything else it takes to move an innovative company out of the fledgling stage. 

Top Detroit Startups and Tech Companies to Watch in 2023

The list is live for 2024! Check out the top tech companies in Detroit in 2024.   Detroit is a rapidly growing tech hub and despite economic layoffs in 2022, the tech industry in the Motor City continues to grow. Detroit was recently ranked the #1 emerging startup ecosystem in the world, and we can see why — it’s full of some of the best startups and tech companies in the region — and the country! 

Alchemie’s Digital Learning Tools are Born Accessible

What’s the difference between a student memorizing abstract concepts and truly understanding them? Alchemie. 

Tech Job Digest: 19 Companies Hiring for Product Roles

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: tech companies are still hiring! I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s true.  If you’re someone who’s been recently laid off, I know it sucks. It’s a scary, frustrating and sometimes sad time. But there’s hope.

Best Places to Work in Detroit in 2023

Detroit is a growing hub for startups and tech companies. From Fortune 500 companies to rising startups, Detroit is also home to some of the best places to work in tech. 

Midwest Tech Engineering Job Digest

Layoffs, hiring freezes, venture capital slow down . . . these are the headlines currently making the news. And yes, there's no doubt all of that is happening right now. But during this uncertain time, there's also quite a bit of growth happening, too.  So we partnered with our friends at PeerSignal to stay on top of everything happening in the tech hiring market right now.

12 Midwest Companies Hiring Top Talent Now

Regardless of the current state of the job marketplace, we see employers posting new opportunities every single day. While the unfortunate layoffs are what we hear of most, there are still plenty of companies that are growing.  And they need great talent like you in order to continue that growth. There are over 160 companies hiring on the Purpose Jobs platform, but here are just a few that we especially love.

Top Detroit Startups and Tech Companies to Watch in 2022

The list is out for 2024 — check out the Top Detroit Startups to Watch in 2024   Michigan is now the state with the highest growth in VC investment. Now many Detroit startups are on the fast track to growth. Whether it’s new funding, expansions or IPOs, it’s been an eventful year in Detroit startups. Next year is looking even better.